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The claims made in this forum are based on personal observations resulting from experimentation with HiFi components over the years rather than scientific research. Since the journey of life implies continuous learning, some of the findings may not yet be universally true, especially if testing conditions differ to a significant degree from the ones presented here. Paragraphs will therefore be updated as new insights arise. Please feel free to comment, if your own empirical data should vary greatly from the information presented here.


Thank you to Luigi D’Adamo for having been my mentor in the re-discovering of audiophile listening. Luigi has taught me more than anyone else during my time of audio exploration what it means to establish and appreciate great sound. He has provided me with support, equipped me with appliances, and advised me in a highly professional manner over many years. This is much appreciated, and this forum would not have come to life without his continuing insights.

Thank you also to André van Daalen, who has put in lots of time and effort in creating the best possible blog site for me to share my thoughts on HiFi with you. His continued efforts have helped me put a recognisable face to this site. We are continuously evolving together, and I am highly appreciative of our journey and explorations. André is a musician, a programmer and designer, an explorer in spirit, a friend, and a great professional.

Thank you to my wife Sabina Hein for letting me spend the hours listening to music, comparing gear, music, and cables, writing blog entries and sharing my moments of joy with her whenever there is something new that I can show to her. Sabina has a great hand, much better than I, in selecting music that is worth listening to. Without her choice of music and her willingness to sacrifice some of our time together, my understanding of our HiFi systems would be much less developed. Her selection of albums has provided me hours of listening pleasure. And it is with great pride that we watch our kids dancing to the music in front of our stereo.

Thank you to Jörg Hein, my brother, whom I keep pesting about any new development in music reproduction and who has spent many a night listening to music with me, giving me valuable feedback on sound and moments of companionship to contrast the hours of isolation. Jörg is one of the few people I know who have the ears capable of following me down that rabbit hole, and he usually brings music along that is so different from mine that it provides a completely new perspective.

Thank you all for your time and input. This blog is of your making as much as it is of mine.

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