1. The Power Source

Published: 26/04/2020

Author: Karsten Hein

Category: High Fidelity

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Since the basis of any system is electric power, this is a good place to start setting up our system. Depending on the time and effort we are willing to invest, we might start by having a slow-blowing fuse installed and running a dedicated power mains from the central fuse cabinet to our system.

The distortion to be found on a power grid can be measured and shown. It comes from many sources, such as trailing edge dimmers and transformers found on LED lights, from local industry, from refrigerator motors, from switches, WiFi networks etc.

The picture shows measurements made in our apartment. The spikes show the level of distortion and interference as described above. Since we are renting, I did not have the luxury of running a dedicated cable, but I did locate the socket with the least distortion, and I am running a 2.5mm solid core house installation wire from there. This type of wire is not meant to be moved around, I therefore installed a cable duct to keep it in position and protect it from wear.

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