4. Power filtering


Author: Karsten Hein

Category: High Fidelity

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The better our system is designed, the more it will reveal flaws in the electric current. HF interference is such a flaw and can be found to various degrees in all households environments. Interference comes from modern lighting, communication equipment, and from many other sources.

HF interference will destroy the sonic integrity of our system right from the source, e.g. by saturating the iron core of the power transformers. The acoustic effect will be a subtle leaning of the system towards harshness, technicality, and a tin-like ringing in the highs leading to early listening fatigue.

While there are many pricy solutions to combat the issue, there are two relatively affordable interventions: ferrite clamps and shunt filters (also called power conditioner or noise trap). I have achieved excellent results by placing one ferrite clamp on each power cord and one clamp on the power strip lead. For maximum effect, all ferrite clamps are mounted in a position just before the cable enters the housing. In addition, a power conditioner is plugged into the power strip.

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