3. Power cords


Author: Karsten Hein

Category: High Fidelity

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Coming from a dedicated power strip or directly from a wall socket, our clean power will need to be forwarded to each of the HiFi units, at a typical distance of less than 1.5m. Although this distance is relatively small when compared to the house installation, the sonic difference between a standard supply cord and one that has been engineered for audio usage is quite enormous.

Especially to amps and preamps, the power cord is of such importance to the overall sound integrity that we are well advised to invest at least 10% of the unit price on the power plugs and cord. Typical HiFi cords will be designed on the basis of 2.5mm diameter wires. However, diameter is not everything. There are cords of smaller diameter with excellent sonic characteristics.

On my own vintage units not all cords are removable. I upgraded the cords on the amps (during recap) as well as on the high-voltage transformers of the electrostatic speakers, and I made sure that the general power strip is also equipped with an excellent cord. - Especially on the amps, the new cords have greatly contributed to the system's improved musicality.

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